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Willie is the main character in the episode "Mascot."

Willie is a teenage boy whose goal was to turn his school Yellow Valley High in the right direction.

Willie didn't approve of the school mascot named Big Yellow. Willie thought a new school mascot would be better. When the assistant principal told him he need to inform the current mascot that he was no longer needed, Willie and his friend named Drake went to Big Yellow's dressing room/secret hideout in the school basement.

Despite Big Yellow being unhappy with their decision Willie and Drake held auditions for a new Yellow Valley High School mascot. During the auditions, both Willie and Drake decided to make the new mascot named Wolfie. When Big Yellow tried to defend his position Willie rejected him (for the best).

After finding the severed head of Wolfie in his bed, Willie knew Big Yellow had something to do with it. Willie confronted the mascot without Drake supporting him (who thought his friend had lost his mind). However, Willie vanished without a trace. It is revealed that Big Yellow is a real monster and Willie got eaten alive by him. He frantically tried to call Drake for help but his phone died before he could answer. Even though Willie was still in Big Yellow's stomach, he would be digested soon.

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