Uriah Shelton
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Name Uriah Shelton
Birthplace Dallas, Texas, USA
Date of Birth March 10, 1997
Role on Haunting Hour Pete
Uriah Shelton played Pete in the season 1 episode My Sister the Witch.

Uriah Shelton (born March 10, 1997) is an American teen actor and singer. He is the son of accountant Allen Shelton and house-wife Cindy Shelton. His name means "God is light" in Hebrew.[1] Shelton was born in Dallas, Texas but spent spent most of his childhood in Magnolia Springs, Alabama with both of his parents. Growing up, Shelton pursued interests in martial arts, piano, and soccer. At the age of 7, he took a modeling class with his cousin, Charli. This led to a talent competition in Orlando, after which he was pursued by multiple agencies in New York and Los Angeles. Realizing that he’d come to love acting, he and his mother decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue his professional career.[2] Most of his family still lives in Alabama and Tennessee.

Shelton starred in the movie "Lifted," a story about a singer whose family life is disrupted when his Marine father is deployed to Afghanistan. The boy, despite many obstacles, is inspired to compete in a teen singing competition. The film was the inaugural film of producer Deborah Del Prete's Coronet Films.[3] Dash Mihok, Nicky Aycox, James Handy, "American Idol's" Ruben Studdard and country star Trace Adkins also are in the movie.

Shelton is currently starring in the new A&E drama, "The Glades," a show about a Chicago detective who moved to South Florida with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement after being falsely accused of sleeping with his captain's wife.[4] He plays Jeff Cargill, the rebellious son of female nurse and love-interest played by Kiele Sanchez.[5] The show has received acclaim from several leading national newspapers.[6][7] The Deseret News reported: "With a show like this--a show about a super-smart, super smart-alecky police detective--it's not about the concept, it's about the execution. The characters. The actors. And The Glades looks like a winner on those counts."


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