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Joshua Ballard
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Bruce, Cory

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Joshua Ballard

First Appearance

''Swarmin' Norman''

Last Appearance

''Swarmin' Norman''

Tyler is the secondary antagonist of the season 2 episode "Swarmin Norman". He is the school bully and his main target is Norman who he regularly bullies probably because of the latter's obsession with insects.

His friends Bruce and Cory join him in picking on Norman and their bulling ranges from taking Norman's bug journal or even giving Norman a swirly and punching him in the stomach in front of everyone. Tyler is shown as a lazy student who doesn't care about his grades or school in particular as Norman made reference to him getting 18 zeroes on his test. Tyler takes joy in bulling Norman and shows no remorse or sympathy to him. One day Tyler makes the mistake of giving Norman a wedgie who then seething with rage vows revenge, the next day while Tyler was using the restroom at school Norman orders the insects to swarm Tyler revealing Tyler's fear of insects, Norman spares tyler's life but forces Tyler to wedgie himself. It is unknown what happened to him after Norman's death but it's possible he got killed too for his mistreatment of bugs.


  • Tyler is shown to be afraid of bugs despite his tough demeanor.
  • Joshua Ballard who played Tyler played Nickolas in the season 3 episode "Lovecraft's Woods".

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