The Witch
Biographical Information

November 21, 2015





Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Ellie Harvie

First Appearance

Stage Fright

Last Appearance

Stage Fright Part 2

The Witch is the villain in the season 2 episode "Stage Fright".

The Witch had appeared near the end of the episode but was shown kidnapping Jesse, Lanie, Gina and Rayline as they were found bound and gagged. The witch appeared after Hansel and Gretel had thrown Ms. Browser in the real oven (when they thought that she was the real witch) saying "I'm afraid that's not how the story goes." and revealing that she's the real witch from the story. After tying the cast up with apples in their mouths, the Witch freed Hansel and Gretel's mouths from the apples and forced them to sing, then lowered the curtains. Finally after revealing that she cursed the play she locked the doors and said that she ate Hansel and Gretel's parents and ate the parents in the audience. After she turns off the lights, the screams of the audiences was heard as the screen fades to black.



R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour "Stage Fright"