The Benefactor
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Creepy Hotel






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The Hotel

Behind the Scenes
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" Checking Out "

Last Appearance

" Checking Out "

 The Benefactor is one of the main antagonists in the episode "Checking Out".

The Benefactor is a painting of a grown man who has the ability to make adults forget that they ever had children and after spending some time in the creepy hotel the parents are convinced to give their children to The Benefactor as he takes the children and sends them to the afterlife.

In the episode it was revealed that The Benefactor had taken Todd after convincing Mrs. Baker that children are ungrateful.

As The Benefactor planned to take Jeremy and Chelsea the children convinced their parents that they don't have to give them up. The parents agreed to keep their children, but Mr. Grady decided to let The Benefactor take them all, but before that happened Jeremy took some candles and threw them at The Benefactor causing The Hotel and The Benefactor to burn and crash down in flames.  

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