Biographical Information

Prior to 2012



Lives in

Retirement Community






Retired, Vampire


Gladys (Deceased)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Patti Allan

First Appearance

" Grampires (Part 1)"

Last Appearance

" Grampires (Part 2)"

Shirley is one of antagonists in the two part episode "Grampires".

Shirley was one of the elderly vampires living in Sunset Estates. Along with Gladys, she ran into Walt and his grandchildren Cristen and Mike and was wondering if Walt would invite his grandchildren to a BINGO game, but Walt refused that option.

Shirley and Gladys then arrived at Walt's house with Mike answering the door asking for a cup of sugar, but was told to ask the other neighbors if they had any.

Shirley and Gladys then caught Mike walking alone and began to follow him.

When Walt told Cristen to stay put Shirley and Gladys took her to be used as a BINGO prize.

Shirley was then at the BINGO tournament as the host revealing Cristen as the prize.

An hour later Eleanor won the prize, but Mike pulled the curtains causing all the other vampires (including Gladys) to be turned to dust, but Shirley was safe and was about to drink Cristen's blood, but Cristen took a sharp stick and stabbed Shirley causing her to be turned into dust as well.

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