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Season 3 of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series was confirmed by Liam Fearnley on February 8, 2012. R.L. Stine also confirmed it through twitter on February 22, 2012.

Season 3: 2012 - 2013

  Grampires: Part 1 October 13, 2012 301
Written By: Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott
Directed By: Neill Fearnley
When a brother and sister visit their grandpa at his retirement community, they soon discover why its residents only come out at night.
  Grampires: Part 2 October 13, 2012 302
Written By: Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott
Directed By: Neill Fearnley
A grandpa must protect and save his grandchildren from the bloodthirsty residents of his retirement community.
  The Cast October 20, 2012 303
Written By: Craig S. Phillips & Harold Hayes JR
Directed By: Ken Friss
When Lex rats out his friends for egging the house of a mysterious cat lady, her cats begin to follow him and take interest in his increasingly itchy arm cast.
  The Weeping Woman October 27, 2012 309
La Llorona behind Chi
Written By: Harold Hayes Jr. & Craig S. Phillips
Directed By: Neill Fearnley
Chi learns the scary folk tale of the child-stealing river witch, “La Llorona.” He soon comes face to face with the terrifying creature and must defeat her in order to save his friends.
  Intruders November 3, 2012 308
Story By: Billy Brown & Jack Monaco
Teleplay By: Jack Monaco
Directed By: Ken Friss
A young girl, who's been unhappy ever since the birth of her baby brother, makes a deal with a seemingly harmless forest creature who promises to give the girl a better life with a new family in exchange for her baby brother.
  Spaceman November 10, 2012 306
Thumb The-Haunting-Hour Spaceman 2
Written By: John Esposito
Directed By: Neill Fearnley
With no friends to talk to, Aaron buys a mysterious space helmet from a woman in a yard sale, only to learn that the helmet has a mind of its own and has the power to contact aliens.
  Red Eye November 17, 2012 321
Written By: Natalie Lapointe
Directed By: Ken Friss
It's always a good day for Georgia when she gets a postcard from her father traveling away in the another country, but soon Georgia has a reason to believe that he is being followed by someone and decides to figure out what's going on before it's too late.
  Imaginary Friend November 24, 2012 307
Written By: Melody Fox
Directed By: James Head
Shawn and his brother, David, move to a rural area, where Shawn makes a new friend named Travis. David, however, doesn't approve of Shawn's new friend, but what do you do when your little brother's mischief-making new friend turns out to be a figment of his imagination turned real?
  Poof de Fromage December 1, 2012 315
Written By: Erik Patterson & Jessica Scott
Directed By: Ken Friss
Bobby and his family are housing a French exchange student for a year, but a chain of strange happenings make Bobby suspect that his French exchange student may be an alien.
  The Golem: Part 1 December 8, 2012 312
Written By: Jack Monaco
Directed By: Neill Fearnley
Jeremy and Bonnie are saddened to learn of the passing of their grandmother and travel to her homeland of Russia to spread her ashes, but soon after they arrive, a bewildering secret is uncovered from their grandmother's past.
  The Golem: Part 2 December 8, 2012 313
Written By: Jack Monaco
Directed By: Neill Fearnley
After arriving to his late grandmother's homeland of Russia to spread her ashes, Jeremy must use what he knows about a certain secret from her past to save the village and his sister from a malevolent, threatening being.
  The Girl in the Painting December 15, 2012 311
Written By: Jack Monaco
Directed By: Ken Friss
When Becky becomes obsessed with an enchanted painting, she starts recreating her own life to be identical to the girl in the painting's, but realizes that nothing is ever as perfect as it seems.
  Checking Out January 19, 2013 304
Written By: Melody Fox
Directed By: James Head
No amount of complaining will get Jeremy & Chelsea out of a family vacation with mom & dad. When the family stumbles upon a creepy hotel where parents mysteriously forget that they have kids, Jeremy & Chelsea have to fight to keep their family together.
  Terrible Love February 9, 2013 318
Terrible Love01
Written By: Greg Yolen & Natalie Lapointe
Directed By: Ken Friss
Hopelessly infatuated with Brendon who seems to have more important things to do than pay any attention to her, Maggie commissions Cupid depicted as a man in a white suit instead of a boy or young man with wings, which he explains away as old photographs of himself -- to shoot an arrow at Brendon to make him fall for her, but when Maggie worries that the love potion will wear off, she asks Cupid for another hit, which drives Brendan to go into a love-induced insanity...which gets worse when Maggie tries to break up with him.
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