Sean Wei Mah
Sean Wei Mah
Name Sean Wei Mah
Birthplace Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Date of Birth December 14, 1976
Role on Haunting Hour Bodyguard
Sean Wei Mah played a Bodyguard in the season 2 episode "Brush with Madness".

Sean Wei Mah (born 14 December 1976 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) is a Cree actor and artist, who is sometimes credited as Sean Mah. He portrayed "High Horse" in the 2003 TV miniseries Dreamkeeper, "Heavy Shield" in the 2005 TV mini-series Into the West, and "Ben Wheelock" in the 2005 film It Waits. Sean portrayed "Bull Head" in HBO's Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (2007).[1] Sean portrayed "Whitecloud" in Hallmark's Goodnight For Justice (2011).[2]


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