Sam Lomin
Biographical Information

Prior to 2012

Lives in






Family Information
Family Members

Monica Lomin (Wife)

Georgia Lomin (Daughter)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Kurt Evans

First Appearance

" Red Eye "

Last Appearance

" Red Eye "

 Sam Lomin is one of the characters from the episode "Red Eye".

Sam Lomin is the father of Georgia Lomin and the husband of Monica Lomin.

Sam appeared near the end of the episode back from his trip from Europe giving hugs and kisses to his wife, but was wondering what was wrong with Georgia as she walked down the stairs as Georgia told him that he brought something back with him (The Alp), but Sam revealing that he brought Georgia a little doll souviner, but Georgia told him to throw it away as to when Sam left the doll on the table.

That Night, Sam approached the living room catching Georgia smashing the doll into pieces saying that she knew what she was trying to do, but also saying that he's not inside the doll. Finally walking up to Georgia with glowing red eyes and said "Daddy's NOT Here." meaning that The Alp has possessed Sam causing Georgia to scream.

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