HH Reggie







Boy Scouts

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Mitchell Duffield

First Appearance

"My Sister the Witch"

Last Appearance

"My Sister the Witch"

Reggie is one of the main characters in the episode My Sister the Witch.

Reggie is Boy Scout who is often jealous of his best friend Pete.

Reggie strikes a deal with an evil warlock named Billy Merrit who promises him that if he helps him get rid of Pete and Alice's family he would give him badges.

Reggie then does everything Billy tells him too including convince Pete that Alice is a bad witch, place a piece of his hair in a talisman hidden in his shoe and blame it on Alice.

His deal with Billy is exposed when Alice and Pete catch on. However after Billy is defeated, Reggie is forgiven due to the fact that Billy was only using him.


  • Despite helping Billy with his evil plan Reggie was never a bad kid, he was just desperate for badges.
  • It is hinted that he has a crush on Alice because he thinks she's hot.

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