Biographical Information

Prior to 2011

Lives in







Hotel Owner/Werewolf



Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Jodi Balfour

First Appearance

" Nightmare Inn "

Last Appearance

" Nightmare Inn "

Priscilla is one of the main antagonists in the first season episode, "Nightmare Inn."

When Jillian and her mother were standing in front of the Knight Time Inn Hotel Priscilla was nice enough to let them stay for a few days (Even when she started to stare at Jillian's necklace and noticed that it was silver). Priscilla then settled them up in the same room that was in Jillian's nightmare. The next day, Priscilla noticed Jillian talking to the town outcast Caleb and told Jillian to stay away from him because he was dangerous, but Jillian told her that she doesn't need anyone to look after her because she can look after herself. Later on, Jillian was in Priscilla's room and found her silver necklace, but also caught Priscilla and Caleb talking about her and the necklace and was almost caught by Priscilla. That night, Jillian found out that Caleb was a werewolf and ran to Priscilla for help, but Priscilla revealed to also be a werewolf and wanted to devour Jillian. However, the girl is eventually saved from Caleb and Priscilla by another werewolf who might have been Jillian's father.

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