Poof De Fromage
Season 3, Episode 15
Episode Guide
"Lovecraft's Woods"

"Poof De Fromage" is an upcoming episode in season 3 of R.L. Stine's The Haunting Hour: The Series. It is scheduled to air December 1, 2012.


Bobby is a regular boy who likes be like all kids. When his parents tell him he is going to be having an exchange student from France named Juan as a room mate. Through they do not realize he is an alien from a planet that is not possible to say in the alphebet. Juan is scoping the house with a device. When spying on Juan he hears "These Humans Have No Hope For Survival". Bobby then says," Your not from France are you". Juan takes Bobby into the restroom when he hears Bobby's dad coming through the hallway. Juan explains that he is not from Earth. He also explains that he is trying to find an evil group of aliens called the poof de fromage (Disquised as cheese puffs), which is Bobby's favorite snack. Juan tells Bobby that they need to smash the poof de fromage. they smash all of them when there mom comes home and is furious with the mess. Bobby's dad opens the door and the poof de fromage are everywhere coming into the house. They open the blinds and the poof de fromage are covering everything. As all of them droun Juan yells,"Ze Poof de Fromage".



The Cast

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