Eye Color


Family Information
Family Members

Charles (Father)
Donna (Mother)
Alice (Sister)




Boy Scouts

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Uriah Shelton

First Appearance

"My Sister the Witch"

Last Appearance

"My Sister the Witch"

Pete is the main character in the episode "My Sister the Witch."

Pete is a young active boy scout who has a good relationship with his big sister Alice.

Pete is excited to welcome Alice when she comes home from boarding school, but begins to worry and get suspicious when she starts acting strange. Pete follows Alice when she walks into the woods at night. He spy’s on her doing some sort of strange ritual and runs off to tell his parents but they don't believe him of course.

When Pete tells his best friend Reggie, he believes Alice may be a witch because of all the evidence such as her having a black cat and owning a spell book called The Grimoire.

Pete himself begins to believe Alice is a witch after finding out The Grimoire is a textbook of sorcery and magic. He even thinks she is trying to put a curse on him after she cut a piece of his hair and found it placed in a talisman hidden in her shoe.

Pete then decides to take drastic measure and burn The Grimoire. However he finds out he's made a terrible mistake when Alice tells him their family has been cursed and she was trying to use The Grimoire to reverse it. He asks her who and why would anyone do that to them. Alice believes it was someone who held a grudge on one of them leading her to suspect Reggie because he is often jealous of Pete (and his boy scout badges) and was the one who accused Alice of being an evil witch. Pete is skeptical with the idea of his friend hexing him but decides help Alice and find out if Reggie really is the bad guy.

Pete is shocked when the culprit turns out to be Billy Merrit, an older boy scout and evil warlock who went to boarding school with Alice and vowed revenge after Alice read one of his love-notes out loud so he would leave her alone. After a short magical battle, Billy is defeated and turned into a toad.

Pete is relieved that it's all over and Alice helps him earn a science badge after winning a camp science fair.

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