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Nicholas Elia
Name Nicholas Elia
Birthplace Canada
Date of Birth October 12, 1997
Role on Haunting Hour Ari (Catching Cold)
Dylan (Headshots)
Nicholas Elia played Ari in the season 1 episode Catching Cold and Dylan in the season 2 episode Headshots.

Nicholas Elia (born March 29, 1997) is a Canadian film and television actor.


Year Titles Role
2009 The Shortcut Tobey
2008 Speed Racer Young Speed
2007 War Daniel Crawford
2007 When a Man Falls in the Forest Eric
2005 White Noise Mike Rivers


Nicholas Elia appeared as a guest star in Supernatural Season 3 episode The Kids Are Alright, he returned to the show in season 6. Elia was reluctant to reprise his role as Ben Braedon. He appeared in 5 episodes of the sixth season, Elia will not be returning to the show in the future.

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