Mrs. Hollinger's son
Biographical Information

prior to 2012


prior to 2012




deceased (spirit stays behind
in skeleton)

Family Information
Family Members

Mrs. Hollinger (mother)


his mother (alive)
Aaron Ackerman (alive, in the original ending)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by


First Appearance


Last Appearance


Mrs. Hollinger's son, alias "Space Commander 1", is a character in the Season 3 episode "Spaceman".


When he was young, he was just as interested in space travel. However, he got sick and died suddenly, but his spirit stayed behind.

Many years pass, and his mother sold one of his space helmet walkie-talkies to a ten-year-old boy named Aaron. He communicated with Aaron through the second walkie-talkie, and eventually, Aaron was able to make it to the attic, though he discovered whom "Space Commander 1" really was. His mother explained what had happened in the past.

In the original ending, Aaron volunteered to stay in the attic, playing Spaceman with him forever. In the Director's Cut ending, he trapped Aaron in the attic forever, forcing him to play Spaceman with him.

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