Mrs. Biazevich
Biographical Information






Family Information
Family Members

Adriana (Granddaughter) Constantine (possible son)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Karin Konoval

First Appearance

"Wrong Number"

Last Appearance

"Wrong Number"

Mrs. Biazevich is a character from the episode "Wrong Number".


Mrs. Biazevich is an elderly woman who has been ill for awhile. She teaches Steffani Howard and Taylor on how to be nice when she mysteriouly froze Steffani's hand and started pulling on her hair. When she returned back to her apartment Steffani started prank calling her (payback for pulling on her hair). After telling them "No mercy for mean girls." she devised a plan to haunt them after she died from being ill. She began text messaging them and calling them saying that she told them to be nice girls, but they didn't listen to her. Mrs. Biazevich arrived at Steffani's apartment as a ghost and asked them if they would be nice. Mrs. Biazevich set Taylor free when she realized that she has good in her, unlike Steffani who's rotten to the core. She traps Steffani in her cellphone on video mode, after setting Taylor free she had sent the video of Steffani to Adriana (her granddaughter) who had deleted the video, erasing Steffani from existence.

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