Michael Teigen
Michael Teigen
Name Michael Teigen
Role on Haunting Hour Painter
Michael Teigen played a Painter in the season 2 episode "Sick."

Michael Teigen lived, worked and studied in New York City for three and a half years where he graduated from the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.

Before gaining "actor boy" status from his friends and family, Michael started as a fisherman and then naturally graduated to the inside of a stinky "fox mascot" costume, then waiter, dinner theatre and even sold used cars for 2 weeks. In New York he was a set designer/carpenter, and did a little freelance demolition on the side. When such glamorous jobs were thin, he was a babysitter, delivered pizzas on a bike through New York traffic and, again, found himself inside a stinky mascot costume...this time a giant, dancing slice of pizza.

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