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Prior to 2012





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Gracie Wilde, Dylan, Flynn

Behind the Scenes
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Julia Sarah Stone

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Lexi is the narrator and the main character in the episode "Headshot". She is Gracie's best friend, along with Dylan and popular Flynn. When she realizes that Gracie has been acting differently, she sets out to change her back. At the announcement of the new face of Teen Teen, she tries to persuade Gracie to delete the photo that shows how ugly Gracie has become. After Gracie said something that looked like it offended Lexi, she leaves Gracie and soon finds out about Cassandra Hobbes' villainous plot to Gracie, along with other victims of Cassandra Hobbes. She then shows Lexi her true form and faints. When she wakes up, she goes to Gracie's dressing room and deletes Gracie's ugly photo, thinking that it would "bring Gracie back to normal". However, after all of her efforts, it was always Gracie's choice after all, not Lexi's. Near the end of the episode, Gracie then becomes the new face of Teen Teen and a piggish female zombie.

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