Biographical Information

prior to 2012

Lives in

Earth (currently)





Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Orange colored
styrofoam peanuts

First Appearance

" Poof de Fromage "

Last Appearance

" Poof de Fromage "

Le PDF are the antagonists in the Season 3 episode "Poof de Fromage".


Some time before the episode, these parasitic aliens took over Leseing's home planet, devouring its inhabitants. A few survivors escaped, and Leseing (who took the form of an Earth boy named Jean-Louis) found refuge on Earth, leaving the real Jean-Louis tied up at the airport's unclaimed baggage section.

"Jean-Louis", who was hosted by the Curran family for a foreign exchange program, warned Bobby about le PDF and how they took over his planet, and have come in from an interdimensional wormhole that may be in the household. They have disguised themselves as cheese puffs. After Mr. Curran desides to send "Jean-Louis" back to Paris for making Bobby believe a crazy story, le PDF (who have taken over Earth) break open the door and window, and flood inside the household, eating the entire Curran family and Leseing alive (therefore wiping out one more of his home planet's inhabitants).

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