Jianna Ballard
Jianna Ballard
Name Jianna Ballard
Birthplace New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Date of Birth December 29, 1993
Role on Haunting Hour Jen as Gretel


Jianna Ballard played Jen as Gretel in the season 2 episode "Stage Fright" played Melody in the season 6 episode "The Wizard of Patrick Stewart" and in the season 6 episode "Stage Fright Part 2".

Jianna Ballard, first starred on the small screen on 'Christy, Choices of the Heart: Part 2' in 2001, then progressed on to a bigger TV role in John Doe in 2002. She broke out onto the big screen in 2003, with the box office hit, Scary Movie 3. In 2004 she supported in " The Toothfairy". After that she settled down and worked mainly on the radio and in plays. With voice overs she has done a brats movie as well as many commercials on the radio.

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