Biographical Information

Prior to 2011

Lives in






Family Information
Family Members

Marty (Son, Missing)

Kayla (Daughter)

Steve (Husband)

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Sarah-Jane Redmond

First Appearance

" Catching Cold "

Last Appearance

" Catching Cold "

Janet is a minor character in "Catching Cold".

Janet is Marty's mother who repeatedly told Marty to clean his room (in order for Marty to get his allowance). Later on Marty asked his mother for some money for the The Kreamy Cold Ice Cream Truck, but refused because she was tired of Marty trying to con her.

Near the end of the episode Janet allowed Marty to ride his new bike at night (that Marty's father gave him earlier) and then later called Marty to see how he was doing and allowed Marty to ride his bike a little longer.


At the end of the episode it is implied that Janet, Kayla and Steve will notice that Marty is missing and will start a party search until they find him.

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