Jack (BFF)
Jack Pierce
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Prior to 2011





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Behind the Scenes
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Nolan Gould

First Appearance

"Best Friend Forever"

Last Appearance

"Best Friend Forever"

Jack Pierce is the main character in the episode "Best Friend Forever".

Jack is a very smart kid who has always wanted to have a dog, but his mother won't allow it since every other pet he owned died. He attempts to prove how responsible he is now by performing an experiment to bring worms back from the dead and keep them as pets. Unfortunately he also accidentally raises a zombie out of the cemetery; the zombie catches him by surprise at night. Jack freaks out at first but then realizes that a zombie can't die (like all of his former pets) already being dead.

Jack decides to name the zombie, Cheeky, to also keep him as a 'Zombie pet' and hide his new pet from his suspicious mom. Cheeky then gives Jack a small present, a metal tag with his name on it. At school, Jack uses Cheeky to scare his rival Mitch into admitting he's smarter- and then tells Mitch that he can't tell anyone about Cheeky until an upcoming science fair. Once Mitch ran off and Jack had his back turned, Cheeky suddenly snuck up behind him and knocked him out with a huge stick.

Jack woke up to find that he was chained-up in some sort of underground 'zombie home' in the same cemetery- where Cheeky then asks his 'Zombie Mom' if he could keep him. Apparently Cheeky wanted Jack to be his 'human pet' the whole time- and was just waiting until no-one else was watching them. Jack soon realizes this after seeing the same metal tag around his neck (which Cheeky gave him earlier) and screams in horror.


  • It´s unknown what happened to him at the end of the episode.

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