Biographical Information
Lives in






Eye Color

White (Red, if Upset)

Family Information
Family Members

Alice (At First)


Alice (At First)

Behind the Scenes
First Appearance

" My Old House "

Last Appearance

" My Old House "

 The House is the villain from the season 5 episode "My Old House"

The House was upset that Alice was moving away.

Soon as Alice and her family moved into their new home, The House was now calling Alice from a far distance saying "Come back home," as his light-eyes now glowed red.

The next day, Alice wanted to walk to school herself, when she really went back to her friend, the House to "Move back in..." The House also welcomed Alice back with a warm fireplace and roast marshmallows.

Alice's parents arrived home later on, knowing that she had went into their old house instead of school (like Alice said she was going to). They searched all over the house, but couldn't find her and left the House to continue the search.

Alice then realized that life without her parents would be very sad for her, so she said bye. As soon as she was finally ready to say "Goodbye!", The House didn't accept any farewells from her. The House soon got upset and started having all the objects in the house going crazy, his light-eyes had soon popped out and The House soon started to transform into his true snake form and suddenly started sucking Alice into the walls...

Much later on, a new family moved in and the new daughter suddenly noticed a white face on the wall and it was Alice smiling back at her (making Alice part of the house) The House then said to the new daughter, "Welcome!" This was scaring the new daughter, who might become his next victim in the future...


The House can only express himself with the way the vent is shaped (A smile, a frown or a straight face)


House (Snake Form)

HOUSE in it's true form of a giant snake.

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