Georgia Lomin
Georgia Lomin
Biographical Information

Prior to 2012

Lives in






Eye Color


Family Information
Family Members

Monica Lomin (Mother)

Sam Lomin (Father)


Mailman Tim

Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Mackenzie Foy

First Appearance

Red Eye

Last Appearance

Red Eye

Georgia Lomin is the main character in the episode"Red Eye".

Georgia is a little girl whose father (Sam Lomin) has been traveling all around Europe. Georgia meets with Mailman Tim who receives the postcards and souvenirs to give to Georgia, she has a thing for Geography. Georgia would rather have her dad Email her, but postcards are special.

During dinner Georgia's mother (Monica Lomin) was serving brussell sprouts (which Georgia hated), but her mother wanted her to try them and Georgia finding out that her father is now traveling to Frankfurt, Germany wishing she could be there with him.

The next day, Georgia received another postcard from her father, until she noticed a black smudge on the corner of the picture thinking that Tim might have accidentally spilled a little chocolate on it.

The next day, Georgia received another postcard of her father, until she gasped in horror to see a mysterious creature behind him thinking that something might be following him.

That night, Georgia had nightmares about the mysterious creature and woke up scared as she looked at the photo again and tore up the picture. She then was trying to explain to her mother that a shadowy figure might be following Georgia's father. Georgia remembered that she had tore up the photo, but decided to tape the pieces back together but once she put the pieces back together the shadowy figure was gone. Georgia then did some research and found out that the mysterious creature was The Alp (A Dirty Trickster of the Spirit World).

The next day, Georgia got another postcard of her father and The Alp and a note on the back saying "You shouldn't have ripped up my picture." (as the image of The Alp continues to get closer) as she rushed to her mother to show her the image The Alp was gone and so were the scribbles on the back. Georgia then called the hotel to talk to her dad hearing that he's coming home the next day trying to warn her father he hung up.

Georgia didn't receive a postcard the next day, until a postcard went through the mail slot with a note on the back saying "SEE YOU SOON" with a full image of The Alp. As she waited and waited she finally got to see her dad, but was scared explaining to her father that he brought something back with him. When Georgia's father showed her a little doll he brought her Georgia told him to throw it away, but her father left it on the table.

That night, Georgia took a towel and a hammer and smashed the doll into pieces, until her father appeared explaining that he wasn't inside the doll. Georgia telling her dad to stop messing around, until her father walked up to her and said "Daddy's NOT Here." meaning that The Alp was inside her father causing Georgia to scream in horror.

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