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Sean Mathieson

First Appearance

"Afraid of Clowns"

Last Appearance

"Afraid of Clowns"

Finch is a character in the episode Afraid of Clowns.

Finch is a normal preteen who wants to be one of the cool kids. He is often annoyed that his friend Chris lets his fear of clowns ruin their social lives.

Finch's friend, Danica invites him and Chris to a clown show at the local carnival, however, Chris who is deathly afraid of clowns turns down her offer despite having a crush on Danica. Finch tells Chris there's no logical reason to be afraid of clowns. Yet Chris is still convinced that clowns are out to get him.

The next day, Finch is relived when Chris (after turning 13) tells him that he's ready to let go of his fear of clowns and go see "Kaptain Krazee's Clown Show" that night. Finch tried to act cool in front of Danica's friends, but they mostly ignored him and didn't really seem to care that he was there.

During the show, when the clowns pick Chris to be their special volunteer for the final performance, Finch tells him to keep cool and enjoy the experience before getting locked in a big jack in the box. Finch is impressed after seeing Chris in clown makeup as part of the show (or so he thought).


  • It's possible that Finch never saw Chris again, after Chris found out that he and his whole family were clowns.

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