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Drake is one of the main characters in the episode "Mascot"

Drake is Willie's best friend who came up with the idea of holding auditions for a new mascot in order to replace Big Yellow.

Despite Big Yellow being unhappy with their decision Willie and Drake held auditions for a new Yellow Valley mascot anyway. During the auditions, Drake and Willie decided to make the new mascot Wolfie.

When Willie told him that Big Yellow did something horrible to Wolfie and asked for his help to confront the mascot, Drake refused to help him, convinced that Willie has lost his mind/sanity. The next day, Drake found Willie's calls and texts from his phone. He tries to call him back, but when Willie won't answer his phone, Drake goes on a search for him.

At the basketball game, Drake heard Willie's cell phone ringing from inside of Big Yellow's stomach. He finds out that Big Yellow is an actual monster who ate Willie (and Wolfe) alive. Drake repeatedly screamed "Willie" to find out if his friend was still alive but he couldn't get an answer at all.


It is possible that he will attempt to expose Big Yellow for being a real monster.

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