Creepy Janitor
Biographical Information

Sometime before 1961







Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Linden Banks

First Appearance

The Dead Body

Last Appearance

The Dead Body

The Creepy Janitor in a supporting character in the season 1 episode The Dead Body.

The Janitor overhears Will and Anna's conversation, and is shocked to hear Will say Jake Skinner and him only scared Travis enough to get him to stop picking on Will. He then stops Will in the hall says there was no possible way that Will could have met Jake Skinner. When Will asks why the Janitor tells him that Jake Skinner died in 1961.

Will then finds the Creepy Janitor in the boiler room and asks what he knows about Jake. He replies by saying that Jake was a loner that got picked on by Jocks. When he finally decided to prank them back, the jocks weren't happy about it. So on the night of the school dance they decided they would teach Jake a lesson. It was the night the old gym burned to the ground. Everyone got out, everyone but Jake Skinner. Will asks what Jake might want. The Janitor replies by asking why Will made friends with a ghost.

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