Biographical Information

Prior to 2011





Family Information
Family Members

Mother, Father, Rob (Brother)



Behind the Scenes
Portrayed by

Ava Hughes

First Appearance

"The Hole"

Last Appearance

"The Hole"

Carrie is a main character in the episode "The Hole".

Carrie is as young girl who often likes to poke fun at her older brother Rob, but knows that he's there when she needs him. She and her family recently moved into a new house.

Carrie enjoys the new home until she notices a few strange things happening including her room door slamming shut by itself locking her in. She also hears strange noises occurring inside the house and believes it may be haunted, Carrie tells Rob but he refuses to believe that it was the work of ghosts. She couldn't sleep that night with a storm brewing but is later comforted by Rob.

The next morning while playing catch with Rob, Carrie finds a huge hole in their backyard seemingly made by the storm. Carrie realizes that her ball was missing and thinks it might have fell in the hole. Later her ball returns out of nowhere and she's sure that there may be a ghost in the house. Sometime after that, Rob shows her a picture of the house's former family, he believes it came out of the hole and decides to investigate and video tape the hole during the night. Rob calls Carrie in his room and shows her a video of a man with his family forcing them to eat together and later throws a grill at the camera. They see the car's license plate in the photo and find out the man's family died in a car crash.

Carrie and Rob tell their mom and try to convince her that they need to move but she doesn't believe them. All of a sudden a picture breaks with their father's face scratched out. The ghost of the house's former owner takes their mom and tries to drag her into the hole. Carrie and Rob save her but their dad gets sucked in instead. He later escapes.

Almost a week later, Carrie is still weary of the house but her mom convinces her and Rob to give it a second chance. During lunch, Rob notices their dad wearing the same shirt as the man in the video. Carrie and Rob try to leave but their dad says they eat as a family and forces them to stay, implying that the ghost possessed their father.

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